With name of Cēsis

Cesis meat factory has been known in Latvia for decades, its name is not unknown in Europe and now also outside it. The combine has experienced different times in its operation. For five years now, it has been working as “Cesis meat factory” Ltd., thus continuing the traditions. The company’s mission is to promote the development of the livestock industry in Latvia and to educate consumers about quality products – meat with good properties and taste. About the daily life of “Cesis meat factory” conversation with the co-owner of the company, the chairman of the board Ieva Piteronoka – Krišāne.

– “Cesis meat factory” LTd., has celebrated its five-year anniversary. When you started working, a lot had to be arranged, modernized. What investments have been made in five years? What immediate plans, needs for development?

– – Time has passed very quickly, but in this passage of time you can look back at how much has been accomplished. When we bought the company, it was working, cattle were slaughtered, meat was obtained. However, in order to be able to compete on the European Union market and achieve our goals, large investments had to be made. 1.2 million euros invested in five years. We have modernized, replaced several technological equipment, purchased additional equipment to produce new products, thus expanding the assortment. We have also made large investments in improving the environment – both in improving the territory and expanding the administration premises. With the expansion and development of production, the number of jobs increased, now there are jobs for 76 people. We ended last year by breaking the ten million turnover threshold. We start this year with new ideas, works that can be done in the next couple of years. One of the future plans is a large-scale investment and business development project, which will provide an opportunity to expand the beef processing chain, supplement the range of products with semi-finished products, finished products, and also create new jobs for the residents of Cēsis region. Read on: