The largest beef producer in Latvia


Cesis meat factory Ltd. is engaged in the purchase of cattle, sheep, goats, farmed wild animals, wild animals and ostriches from private individuals and legal entities throughout the territory of Latvia.

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Game animal processing

Beef meat

Minced meat

Dry age beef

Realization of
meat cuts

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Our export market

Since the beginning of the establishment of the company, in 2016, export has taken an important place – 80% of the produced volume. Export markets and the assortment of sold products have changed over time. The most important export product is chilled beef quarters and sheep carcasses, as well as animal by-products, beef omasum and skins. In small quantities, we also sell meat cuts – both chilled and frozen. We have conquered the Chinese market by selling more than 500t of frozen beef quarters and beef cuts. Unfortunately, due to the global situation, this export has become calmer at the moment. Export countries include two African countries – Mozambique and the Republic of Ivory Coast, where we have sold frozen beef legs. On the other hand, countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Poland are stable destinations for our production, because we have found reliable cooperation partners there. The export market is constantly being studied and opportunities for cooperation are being sought. We are currently coordinating mutual conversations with the Philippines about the possibility of selling our products there as well.