About us

More than 5,000 cattle and sheep breeders choose to sell their bred animals in our company every year and we are proud of each and every one of them.

We know what good meat is!

Cesis meat factory is the largest and most powerful beef processing company in Latvia, which combines a modern slaughterhouse and a meat distribution manufactory. Meat processing companies in this area, in Cēsis, have been operating without interruption for more than 100 years. The company Cesis meat factory was founded in 2016, since then we have been constantly growing, improving and investing not only in new production technologies and new equipment, but also systematically developing and improving the competences of our employees.

We are engaged in the slaughter of cattle, sheep, goats and ostriches, the processing of wild and captive-bred game carcasses, the  distribution, the production of minced meat, dry aged beef production.

Our values

Understanding the market and customer needs

Customer wishes are very important to us, because the customer is the basis of our existence. Our customers and cooperation partners are not only in Latvia, but also in many other European countries, as well as outside them. Their trust is important to us as a leader in our industry in Latvia - a responsible manufacturer and a reliable supplier. Work processes are transparent, as is the origin of raw materials and finished products.

Quality policy

The company has implemented a quality management system, which is continuously monitored and improved. The company operates according to the international food safety management system standard ISO 22000 FSSC, is certified as an organic processing company and has obtained the certification of the national food quality scheme "Zaļā karotīte".We fully control all stages of production and are responsible for the finished products produced.

Animal Welfare

All stages, starting with moving the animals to the slaughterhouse, resting and slaughtering, are carried out in such a way that the animal does not experience unnecessary stress and suffering. Animal welfare is monitored by a company specialist, a certified welfare inspector.


To promote the development of the livestock industry in Latvia, creating an opportunity for Latvian animal breeders to sell their animals in Latvia and to educate consumers about quality production - high-quality meat with good properties and taste.


Maintain the leading position among Latvian meat processing companies. With modern solutions, create appropriate conditions so that farmers can successfully sell fattened farm animals, while consumers - receive high-quality and safe production.